Higold's renowned international designers from around the world are responsible for combining the luxury aesthetics, functionality and durability of Higold's range of products.  The design team works tirelessly to ensure perfection from concept designs through to commercial production techniques.


Nicola Girotti Higold DesignerNicola Girotti Higold Designer




Nicola Girotti is Design Manager and responsible for the UI / UX teams of the Pininfarina business units dedicated to cars and other products. He leads a team of more than 20 designers working in the most diverse areas of design: aeronautics, railways, boats, products, machinery and graphics.

Previously, he was Design Manager at Motorola Solutions in Copenhagen and worked in France for Decathlon. Thanks to these very instructive experiences, he learned about different research methods and worked continuously with the company’s departments to discover new market opportunities and develop future portfolio products.




Claudio Bellini (1963) architect and designer lives and works in Milan where he graduated in Architecture from the renowned university Politecnico di Milano.In 1996 he established his design practice shaped by the harmony of beauty and efficiency, focuses on furniture, product and interior design.His global vision and capability of understanding the dynamics of various cultures and markets brought him the recognition as one of the most influential European design practises all around the world.


An international speaker with many years of university teaching experience, Bellini also works as the creative director for a number of leading global brands, where his success is evidenced by the multitude of awards he’s won over the years.


He has an open-minded attitude, combined with a peculiar sensibility for different culture and historical heritage. Describing Claudio Bellini with his own words “I am a world citizen with an Italian soul”

Nicola Girotti Higold DesignerNicola Girotti Higold Designer


Nicolas Thomkins, born in Switzerland and living in Germany, has a very large knowledge background and a strong sense of humour. He joined the Higold design team in 2014 and has completed several original designs. Among others, the Airport collection, which can be applied in both indoor and outdoor areas, has been considered the benchmark of new design trend in the furniture industry. The first application of corrugated aluminium sheets on furniture has attracted eyes and good compliments from abroad and at home.
He focuses on product details and user experience by applying ergonomics in product design. His design is a plea to nature, fulfils a positive spirit, and incorporates his understanding of life and the pursuit of health.  He dares to break the rules and touch the soul. His works continue to lead the creative trend in the outdoor furniture industry. Nicolas’ Yin Yang chair, a fusion of Chinese and Western culture, successfully caught people’s attention and stood out among all the entries, winning the best of the best Red Dot Award, one of the top design awards in the world.




At piKs design, everyone’s know-how and influences intersect, collide and mingle.
Family is their basis; meet a credo.
Christine and Pierrick, graduates from Rubika (FR. Valenciennes), together with Sylvain – specialising in marketing – have completed a Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management at the IAE (France, Lille) and co-founded piKs in 2005.
Originating from industrial culture and the arts, the designers pay attention both to distant cultures and to their everyday surroundings.
As adherents of creative eclecticism, they combine craftsmanship and industrial thinking to reinvent the relationship between user and object, playing with a permanent readjustment of the repertoire of forms with elegance, simplicity and pragmatism.